Longlive a7x

Today was bad. i dont know i guess i went from being crazy and hyper to being sad and alone seriassly spending time alone is like not safe for me. it just leads to crying and me thinking really badly about myself ya no what really is a great song and all things will end i have kinda neglected that song... but its amazing my second avenged line i got obsessed with was from that song it was "i never imagined my life could turn out this way so cold so black so alone" which is so true.... 
Im addicted to them. Been listening to them for 2 years until now.
One of my fav song is little piece of heaven. I crank this song loudly every time im in the car whether it's on my way to school or even the damned grocery store :-D A7X forever, and R.I.P. The Rev \m/
all things will end an amazing song of course because it is by avenged sevenfold. avenged sevenfold is the band i will love for life! and the only band that will be able to help me and make me feel better about myself and others and other gonna spend time listening to them and thinking and trying to make things go away and stuff but once i fail that (which will be pretty soon) i will be sleeping unless anyone nice enough to call so yeah.