bad dreams

I had a bad dream just now. When i woke up , I wrote it all down. Every little thing that i can remember.
I was with my friends, Aisya, Leeya, Adilah and Adini. We were on top of a hill. Then suddenly, the ground shook under our feet. Earthquake! We dropped down to the ground. It was a strong one. The land began to have cracks. After a few minutes, it stopped.  Then we started to go down the hill, but there were aftershocks. We felt the tremors again. Some people(who magically appeared :-D) were in the state of panic.
Then i just blinked, we were at this building. There were people in white jumpsuits. "you were infected by a virus.". they said. Our eyes were red. They said that we'll know that we're safe when our eyes turn blue. They directed us to a room to get our eyes cleansed. My friends went inside first. I looked around and saw my niece. She came over to me and we looked at a small mirror on the wall. Our eyes were very red. As we approached the room, only my niece was allowed to get inside. The guy said that i should enter another room.
So i went to the other room. A guy begin asking me some questions. Then a girl came inside and handed me a piece of paper, saying that its form my friends. It said "we are down. Get help." I excused myself and went outside. But this guy bound both of my hands. He said that i wont be allowed to leave because im a threat because im a spy! I was escorted to a chamber and there, i found my 3 friends. We were scheduled to be incinerated. Somehow, we were able to get our hands free. But we're not in the building anymore but inside a spaceship! We have to get out of there but we have to get my niece first. Leeya said that the men weren't real men, but aliens and they're making the kids do their evil work by brainwashing them. There was a small crawl space under the floor. There we crawled from one room to another. We saw a locker full of suits. We took the clothes and blended in. Finally, we found my niece but she looked different. She had glowing blue eyes and the creature behind her was grinning and looking at us. I felt chills crawl down my spine!

Then i woke up.

I know. This dream doesn't make any sense at all. From an earthquake to being a spy to brainwashing kids to freaking aliens. It was a scary dream. I tell you. Though i can't remember all the details, i know that it is. My heart was pounding like a drum when i woke up. I don't know what's the meaning of this. But i hope i won't see any aliens, get brainwashed or get incinerated anytime soon. 


Aruki Yoshee said...

Awwww , you miss me , that's why you dream bout me :D