Hero of mine

I love my dad because he taught me the strategies of success. Dad taught me flexibility, humor, and confidence. Wherever he was, I saw him work with others to make them better. He helped me always to improve at whatever I did, but never in a way that was mean. He wanted me to become the most excellent person I could be. Because of this, my dad love was grand, even though I rarely said the phrase I love my dad as a kid. I think we both kind of knew it. 
Most of us only have one chance to have a good mom or a good dad, and that's it.
The reason I am writing this is to help us all appreciate our parents, and if we still have the time, to show it by saying "I Love You."When they are gone, and it is only too soon that they will be, then it will be too late to show them that we care. There is no going back. If you are fortunate to have a good parent be very proud. Not everyone gets to have a decent home life. 
I am very fortunate in that area. My parents are good people and gave me a great start. They are caring, God-fearing and serving, and have always striven to give me and my brother good values. Of course they were not perfect, but, neither am I. They did their very best.My dad is my hero and my role model. I only hope I will be able to follow his great example.
Satu haritu, abah tibatiba sakit. Dia asyik cakap je badan abah sakit semua. Aku taktau nak buatpa lagi untuk hilangkan sakit abah. Even though, aku macam buat muka takkisah everytime abah mengadu, but deep in my heart, aku mengharap sgt aku dapat gantikan tempat abah. Aku harap sgt aku dapat hilangkan sakit abah. Apa yang aku mampu buat, doakan abah sihat balik. Aku taksanggup dah nak tengok abah macam ni. I''ll do anything untuk buat abah sihat macam sebelum ni. If you read this dad, i just want you to know that i really love you and please sihat balik eh? Ana sentiasa doakan abah :')

 You were the strength of my existance 

My guide at that young age. You tried to be my teacher 
My father-and my sage. You brushed the dirt off of my knees. And checked the bruises there. And taught me to express myself. In a way that would be fair. 

You taught me things to sustain me. Through every step of life. You tried to always protect me. And. hide all kinds of strife. You made your daughter strong enough
To face each problem here 
That's why, I'll always love you, 

 Thank You, My Daddy dear.
 This is my dad, my hero. Umi yang lukiskan :')