I'm sorry i'm not your perfect girl. I'm sorry I don't drink all the time, I don't wear slutty clothes. I don't put tons of makeup on my face, I don't have sex every weekend, and I don't have tattoos. I'm sorry i don't have perfect straight blonde hair, i don't have a huge ass. I'm sorry i'm quiet, i'm sorry don't get high or drunk every weekend. I'm sorry every Taylor Swift song explains my life. I'm sorry i love music more than i will ever love you. But you know what asshole I'm done saying i'm sorry because you know what you judged me way before you even got to know me. I could have been your perfect girl and i could have loved you with all my heart. But you want your "perfect girl"... i hope you find her one day and that she walks away from your relationship just like you did to ours.