Diet? Over my dead body!

I've quit eating cream cheese
I've quit licking chocolate-hazelnut spread
I've cut down my oil intake

I've stopped having fizzy drinks
I'm on those grape fruits, bananas, cucumbers, yogurt and all those fresh things that are bound to help me out in this crucial time
I've also started workouts
Like skipping rope
And stupid walk

That stupid, lame, idiotic, nonsensical, and ultra crappy weighing machine showed my weight as 2 Kgs plus the previous one!!!! Like HOW!!! That's a total scare!!! I'm dead sure I'm inhaling some pretty dense air! Okay, whatever. Enough wif this diet drama. Anyway, saya dah potong rambutttt -.-
Seee, i look soooo fatttt >< and my hair. blahhhhh whateverrr :-D
And this is what happen when i get veryveryvery and deeply borinnggg 


Aruki Yoshee said...

rindu kau la gilaa !

Diyanna said...

weh rindu kau jugakk :-(