If i was heart broken

I would cry like every day, I would spend my days in the dark, listening to music, Adele, boys II men,  Beyonce, all that ‘I miss you’ ‘I care’ ‘someone like you’ you know those songs. I’d cling to quotes like "everything happens for a reason" 'God keeps us close by the people we love so don't ever give up" and all that. I wouldn't feel like hanging with friends or being with loads of people at once.

Oh and If he gets a girlfriend I'd act like I'm cool with it, maybe joke about it. Everything will seem normal at first, then I'd check her out to see if she's better than me, if she's not I'd cry and if she is, I'd cry as well. If I see pictures of them I sink.  I wouldn't want to be reminded of the dude so I'd cut all contacts facebook and all… Cos every update will make me sad, wondering if he's thinking about me would drive me crazy.

I'd cry when I watch show from comedies like ‘how I met your mother’ to ‘CSI’ movies like ‘Brides Maid’ and ‘Flower girl’. I would be numb, I’d be off guys, If I still believed in love I'd feel like I've lost mine and will never feel it with anyone.

If I was heartbroken and someone crushed me I'd be crying as I' was writing this. If I was heartbroken I'd feel stupid, I don’t know why, I just would. If I were heartbroken I'd probably think of dude all the times we had and end every thought with a cry. Cry in the shower, would not feel like blogging, would not feel like getting up. Basically nothing would excite me. I'd be numb, things that normally would make me happy or make my heart skip a beat would seem so meaningless