Hello guys. Okay, its already 12:52pm and im freakin not in the mood to go to sleep. 
Wanna know why? Its because about this one effing girl who is so psychopath  thats been copying my status and whatsoever. Dang girl, dont you even have a life to mess with? Apa yang kau dapat copycopy orang ni? Self-satisfaction? (Publicity) Stunt . lol? simply lifeless -..-
When my sister watches Dora The Explorer, they stop the thief, Swiper, by simply raising their hands and saying, “Swiper, no swiping.”Unfortunately, it’s not that easy in real life.
Tegurlah berapa banyak kali, perlilah berapa banyak kali, but still no effect. 
little kids do it because it is normal for them to copy, they are learning. For an adult to copy it just lame and pathetic, but if they do copy it might be because they have no personality of their own, no original ideas and because they dont want to use that little mind of their own. No creativity. lazy to do something different. Please stop doing this such a ridiculous behaviour of yours. You're so older than me girl. Be yourself and act like a grown up because theres one time you criticized me saying that i had an unmatured attitude right? Who is unmatured now huh? :-)