You've changed

Everything has changed. You've changed. How to leave someone who loves you when you're not strong enough and don't want to hurt him but we lost the spark, i cant let go of the hurt, he still loves me and tries but he has changed.  Is this the end? The end for both of us? I just can't take this anymore. I just miss the old happy me. Lately i just keep on crying. I'm not being emotional or anything but its just me. I can't bare the pain. Crying is the only thing that can make me much better. Well most of the time. I really wish you needed me like how much i needed you. Guess that is not gonna happen don't they? I expect too much from you and from our relationship. I expect that we won't end up like this then look what i got myself into. Wish i was stronger. But im not. I'm tired of crying myself to sleep. Tired of spend my day smiling and at night crying over you. Tired of waking up every morning and have to play a role of a normal kid that have to fake a smile. As soon as i just started to feel better, happy and worth it, you came up with something that fucked up all the progress i've done. I care too much. I forgive too easy. I wait too long. I over-think everything. All of this just kill me slowly inside. This all have to stop. Theres no way out except move on. Yes. Thats what im gonna do.