Yeay dah 6 bulan dengan dia :3 Yeah, i can't believe it either. Rasa macam sekejap sangat. I hope that our relationship can last forever. Anyway, lately ni  ada orang macam kacau relationship kita. I wish i could mention his name but amal gonna be totally pissed off if i do that so im gonna let it as a secret okay. But if you guys still wanna know bout it, you're please and welcome to ask me and i'll definitely will tell you guys. Hihi kidding. 
So anyway, i hope that guy gonna read this as he is so good and totally expert being a stalker so here you go. Hey there dude. You must've been so impressed of yourself cause i've made this post specially for ya. So, having fun trying to ruined our relationship? I'll bet you do :) I wish i could just type it all out about your disgusting and horrible behavior of yours but its just too many of it cause yeah. You got a tons of bullshitness. So im gonna get this straight. MIND YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS BASTARD. Kau ni macam mati je tengok kitaorang happy. Ada jelah kau  nak cari pasal. Lepastu, bila dah kena sound semua terus diam. Tapi mengajing tak sudah sudah. Hey dude, what is your problem anyway? You're the one who keep on bothering us and mention amal then you accused him who messed with you first. Whats up with that ey? You're just funny as fuck. Keep on showing your stupidity and trapped yourself up with your own bullshit. Enough said. I've got so so so many things that i want to tell you but yeah again. You have a tons of bullshitness so it's totally and extremely pointless. Just please disappeared yourself from our lifes and get yourself one. Goodbye for now pathetic bastard.