You were unmistakeably my first love and I will never forget that. Even though we have both grown apart, both changed, a piece of you remains with me. You will always be a part of me because you have unknowingly showed me what I deserve. and every guy I'm with for the rest of my life will be compared to you.
And it was just like, reality came crashing down. You didn't matter anymore, I mean you did, but it wasn't all about you. I finally figured out what I deserve and it wasn't the person who I thought all along. You made me go through enough tears, enough pain, enough heartache to not deserve me. No, we can't be friends. No, we can't talk.. No, no, no. I can't know you're with her. I can't know what. I can't take it anymore. I can't take this anymore. I'm telling you this and I'm meaning it. Goodbye. For now & forever.