sick of it

Another drama after another. haih this one i really have to talk about. its about an indonesian girl that insult my religion.
She takes advantage of all fact about Islam. Since you've done so many 'good' things, i bet Allah had something very 'special' made up for you. Girl, when you talk like that, many could come even before you die. Maybe you'll lose your filthy mouth, maybe you'll lose your hands that typed all those stuff or maybe you'll experience death threats. Who knows? Allah does. Please realize what you are doing. Though you really hate Islam and malaysia, have respect. Just keep quiet. Causing drama like this bring sins. If you still want to continue your nonsense, go ahead. I'll bet Allah have something made up for you because i know, everybody else know that Allah is fair. You may get repaid for the things that you did.
Okay, thats all. ROGER AND OUT!