people who cant mind their own business

Okay, nampakkan tajuk atas tu? So, harini aku nak cakap pasal seseorang ni yang busybody gila pasal life orang lain including my life.
Imagine this scenario:
-...and.. are still together?
-so hows it working out for you?
-Long distance relationship never work out
-so, how long do you plan on doing this? you know it cant go on forever.

Like, seriously, It's like they're ghouls just waiting for my relationship to fail so they can validate their own opinion. If you're not willing or capable to try long distance fine, I don't care. Doesn't mean somebody else can't do it and still be happy and faithful and together. I mean fer god sakes, there are jobs where people leave for months on end. Soldiers, truck drivers, heck, even a very busy doctor might have shifts back to back and rarely see their spouse. And nobody is heckling them.
I don't even care if it's doomed for most people. I'm not most people and neither is my boyfriend. Statistics don't dictate how things happen. I personally think it's a great thing to do, because it's a test that weeds out people who are not trully commited. You can' do it if you're not in it seriously. With normal relationships I see a lot of them progressing not because they're strong, but because of the fear of being single again, or people keeping a partner because nothing better came along.
Anyway, by my opinion, busybodies have no life of their own so they stick their noses into other peoples business to make them feel as if they actually have a life.
Busybodies aren’t reliable. They can’t be trusted. They’re the type that back stab. If they talk to you about other people, they’re going to talk to other people about you.
So, sapasapa yang busybody tu, pleaselah get a life and stop kacau hidup orang lain.
Yeah, memang taksalah if  nak ambik berat about others but, if  dah melebih sangat and try to ruin others life, you better back off. Karma does exist. So what goes around comes around.  Thats all. Toddles :-)